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I Like You – The Date

You can find the approach and the first phone call here.

We met, bought something to drink, walked a bit along the lake, and sat down on a bench directly next to the water. We chit chatted about many things and had some good laughs together. One of the questions that kept coming up was my age. I look a bit younger that I am so she didn’t believe me. She asked to check my ID which I refused. I asked whether she really thought that my eyes could lie. During the evening she kept asking for my ID at least five times and I refused. After a while I started to feel pretty childish for refusing. But I also noticed that this “not giving in” was generating a lot of tension and attraction. I also thought that it was pretty funny that she kept asking.

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Women don’t know what they want

In the last post I claimed that a woman isn’t able to really say how she can be seduced. Here’s a recent example that I experienced.

I met a girl in a club, we flirted and had fun together. We were standing close to each other while people were pushing past us. Once my girl was pushed towards me pretty closely. I didn’t move away at all and I pulled her in even more and gave her a hug. Then we continued talking normally. A while after that she said she would go “over there” to her girlfriends and invited me to come over as well.

I stayed where I was and talked to other people. A bit later SHE came to me, flirted a bit and left again with the invitation I should come see her and her girlfriends in the other part of the club.

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