The Art Of Seducing Women

In order to learn how to seduce women, a man has to adopt the proper mind set. Without these set of thought process and belief it will be difficult for any guy to master the art of seducing women. Here, we take a look at the correct mindset for seducing women:

“The Helpless Seducer” or “The Nice Guy” (Power, No Inner Strength)
o I have no power over my relationships with women.
o Sometimes a woman likes me, sometimes not.
o I’m the victim. Things happen to me. I have no power.
o One day I’m going to meet my dream girl.
“The Future Seducer” or “The Pickup Artist” (Inner Strength)
Insight: I take charge of my love life.
o I’m learning how to be good with women.
o I control what happens. I take my power back.
o I control my own behavior. I know how to act and what to say in each and every situation.
o If a woman says this then I say that. If she does this I do that.
o I manipulate women into liking me and feeling attraction for me.
o I know exactly what happens between men and women. Therefore I can control it.
o To seduce women is a game. I want to win.
He assumes he is not good enough for the women he wants. Therefore he practices this game and manipulates.
By doing this he learns very good social and communicative skills. He sees the social matrix and learns how to influence and control it.
A seducer on this level can become extremely successful.
His problem is that he will never be ultimately happy with his results. He wants more and more.
A great part of the pickup community is on this level.

“The Enlightened Seducer” or “The True Natural” (Love and Enlightenment)

Insight: I’m good enough exactly as I am. Women want me because I am me. I don’t have to pretend to be someone else. I don’t have to manipulate. I like women.
o I’m enough. I’m valuable. Women want me.
o I like women.
o I want to find out if a particular woman meets my criterion. If she doesn’t I leave. I have nothing to prove.
o I expect women to impress me. They should do some work for me. I’m not chasing anyone.
o I want to have fun in my interactions. If I don’t have fun I leave.
o I contribute a good vibe to the interaction. If it is accepted I stay, if not I leave. If they don’t like my good energy then I’m not angry, they just don’t get it. I’m fine with that.
o I don’t want to get anything from other people. I give good energy because I want to give good energy. It feels good to give.
o I’m in the present moment. I enjoy the moment.
o I’m saying and doing whatever comes to mind in that moment. Whatever that is is ok. It’s the expression of my personality.
o I escalate physically if I want to. This too is an expression of myself.
o I trust to receive what I want. I’m not attached to it though. I see it as a gift.

A statement like “all women want me” could falsely be interpreted as arrogant. It’s not. It doesn’t mean: “I’m super great and all others are dorks.” It means: “I love myself and others. I’m good to myself and to others.” Someone who doesn’t think that way probably cannot imagine that someone could REALLY see it that way. To discuss it would lead to no end.
The same goes for the statement: “I don’t want to achieve anything. I trust to receive.” It’s impossible to convince someone who doesn’t see it that way that this is actually possible.