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Dominant Body Language – Strong Voice

Your voice is a very important tool of your body language.

Recently I was “on tour” with a pro and learned two ways to express dominance and strong male presence with my voice. Here is one of them:

Talk loud and clear!

I always felt a bit embarrassed to talk loud. Especially when I approached a woman. I didn’t want other people to notice it. I didn’t want to stand out. But exactly that is a problem. A dominant alpha male is not impressed about what others think about him. He is congruent with what he is doing. He isn’t looking for validation from others. He decides for himself.

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Dominant Body Language: Lean Back!

In the first part I said that good body language is relaxed and comfortable.

What does that mean?

Basically you assume that the woman likes you. Not in an arrogant way that you are the best and the woman is minor to you. More in the sense that you accept yourself without thinking about it. You just are.

Here’s a mistake you can easily prevent.

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Dominant Body Language: Videos

Once I read a study that said that body language was 93% of all communication. And we think about what to say to a woman we would like to meet?! Many times I approached women who didn’t speak my language at all and they still liked me. Definitely not because I said the “right” thing!

Body language is your posture, your voice, your eye contact, how you move your body and so on…

Is there a IDEAL SUPER body language, that makes women fall for you instantly? Bullshit!

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