Lets Go to My Place for a Drink

Yesterday at about 11pm I was walking home from the karate class. On the other side of the street a sexy girl walked out of a building. I looked at her. She looked at me. I made an overly surprised face. She kept looking at me. I waited for some cars to pass by and then walked over to her and said: “hi what’s up” as if I would know her. She responded with the same and we started walking in the same direction. She seemed to know me. She told me we once talked in a bar about four years ago. I had no clue. Funny that she remembered.

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Mission: Spread Good Energy without Expectation

A while ago I found the idea that the universe manifests our thoughts into reality. That which we think about most becomes reality. It’s the law of attraction. We attract the things into our life whether we like them or not. Check out the article about the movie The Secret.

If we think about our problems then more problems are to come. If we feel secure about getting something then we will get it sooner or later. I don’t know whether this is more because of the pure focusing of thoughts or because of the attitude and the behaviors.

So what happens if I want something. I have the thought that I want to get something. What is the universe doing with this? How can it manifest my thought the easiest way? Does it just manifest my wish? NO!

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Faith and the Law of Attraction

A friend of mine commented on the movie “The Secret” about faith, karma, and the law of attraction: “I think the more one understands and internalizes this the stabler and happier one becomes.”

Here’s how I see it:

Karma and Faith

I think karma is the same as the level of consciousness. The more internal conflicts you have solved the higher you are on the ladder. The faith sends events to you so that you can grow from them. If you learn from them you solve inner conflicts and climb step by step. If you don’t learn then the same or similar events come into your life until you learn.

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Mission – Beliefs in the Subconscious Mind

The last mission was to approach a woman every single day. When I went out to a bar or so it wasn’t particularly difficult to approach. There were always some opportunities to start conversations naturally. On day when I didn’t go out sometimes I bailed you.

I noticed when I saw a woman and then pressured myself to approach her I felt bad. Sometimes it felt like my whole interior tried to hold me back. There were thousands of reasons why I shouldn’t approach. Often I let it be.

Then there were situations in which I saw a woman and immediately and spontaneously started talking. Without any thoughts. It just happened.

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Happy Eastern!


The Secret

The other day I watched the movie “The Secret” again.

It’s about the connection between our thoughts/feelings/beliefs and our experiences in the world. Or the link between the internal (spiritual) and the external (material) world.

If you don’t know the movie yet, here’s the first 20 minutes on youtube.

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Levels of Consciousness of a Seducer

In the last article I wrote about the levels of consciousness by Hawkins. I’m writing them again from the perspective of a seducer.

“The Helpless Seducer” or “The Nice Guy” (Power, No Inner Strength)

  • I have no power over my relationships with women.
  • Sometimes a woman likes me, sometimes not.
  • I’m the victim. Things happen to me. I have no power.
  • One day I’m going to meet my dream girl.

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Power versus Force – David R. Hawkins

A great book about the levels of consciousness!

“Level of consciousness” means a way of thinking, a mental attitude, a way to look at the world and oneself.

The higher someone’s level of consciousness, the more this person understands about the world and the more he sees the world as it really is. It also means: the higher the consciousness the happier and peaceful the person is.

To step up one level someone must have a specific insight or aha-moment. By doing this, a problem that was persistent before is now solved and the person sees the world in a different light. Hawkins talks about 17 Steps and divides them basically in three main levels which I’m describing below.

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Dominant Body Language – Intonation

Last time I said that speaking loud would show dominance. There is another way to do that with your voice: the intonation.

There are two intonation that I want to look at:

Powerful Intonation

Imagine a bouncer in front of a club who checks the age of the party people. For a specific party he only grants entry to 25 year olds or older. If he thinks someone is older then he doesn’t even check. If someone looks young he asks: “how old are you?”

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Dominant Body Language – Strong Voice

Your voice is a very important tool of your body language.

Recently I was “on tour” with a pro and learned two ways to express dominance and strong male presence with my voice. Here is one of them:

Talk loud and clear!

I always felt a bit embarrassed to talk loud. Especially when I approached a woman. I didn’t want other people to notice it. I didn’t want to stand out. But exactly that is a problem. A dominant alpha male is not impressed about what others think about him. He is congruent with what he is doing. He isn’t looking for validation from others. He decides for himself.

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